We've been in this for a long time.

That's the first thing to know. Since the TRS-80s started showing up in schools and the BASIC programming language was all the rage, we've been elbow deep in geek. This was before flash drives, before DVD, before CDROM, and before floppy disk. We used to actually record data files on audio cassette. We've come a long way since then but we're real live geeks. Beyond that, we live remarkably quiet, geeky lives. We work from home offices crammed with computer gear. We like the work we do, we find it engrossing and it tends to leave time for little else.

Our past.

Founded in 2001 by a group of geeks who had become friends building the heady "dot-com" businesses that seemed mismanaged and poorly conceived, we wanted to showcase old fashioned values as much as cutting edge technology. The waste and inefficiency was apparent to us the entire time. We had many chances to see why good business models seemed to fail while marginal ones attracted investment and rarely succeeded. We saw this as hurting investors and our entire industry. By demonstrating that we can improve quality while reducing cost, we've helped bring our industry back to forward-thinking while staying grounded in solid business practice.

Team composition.

Our team composition is a full-time project manager, a programmer/database expert, a front-end coder and a series of expert consultants for various other roles. The core team is in Arizona; however, team members are in many states. Our copywriting and proofreading people are in Tenessee and the graphic designers we use can be from any place in the USA. We never use foreign resources unless we are developing a foreign langage website and we need translation services or to source actual hosting in the foreign nation, in which case we obtain local representation which sometimes offers a local marketing edge.

Our methodology: Open Source.

We are firm believers in capitalism and free markets but Open Source represents collaborations of developers with similar objectives world wide. Our technologies own major market share in major corporations world wide. Our solutions are known for their security and reliability in an uncertain age. We're able to deliver value above and beyond any other providers.

Our mission.

At this point, our mission is to keep as many jobs in America as possible, to prosper employers and businesses who employ Americans and to help people retool for the road ahead.

Other tidbits.

Why aren't we on facebook, Twitter, Reddit and everything else? It's not that we're antisocial, it's just when you do this for a living it's the last thing you want to do on off hours. Even for us geeks, there comes a time to get out in the sun and enjoy Arizona.

We highly recommend Northern Arizona for your next vacation, especially beautiful Prescott where it's not too hot, the scenery is outstanding and everyone is friendly.

Watson Lake Prescott

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