We're as heavy duty as they come in ecommerce.

Since 2001, when we managed the creation of the world's first online autoparts supplier fulfilling orders from multiple warehouses, we've taken on challenges in ecommerce that other shops turn down.

We routinely exceed the limits of popular Open Source software like OSCommerce, Magento and Zencart to deliver truly flexible systems that sell UNLIMITED QUANTITIES OF ANYTHING.

We're not talking Paypal or some Wordpress plugin, we're talking serious, real-time, on-site ecommerce that goes directly into your commercial bank account.

Ready for an ecommerce software example?

This is a website that prints custom stickers with artwork you upload. What you see at first is Joomla which is kind of like a website that ordinary people change the words and pictures on:

dataSpheric.com CMS

When you click through "Buy Now" you are suddenly taken to the Zencart shopping cart system and you don't even know it. It looks the same but you are on a completely different software system:

dataSpheric.com Zencart template

But wait, Zencart only sells inventory type items you grab off the shelf, right? Ordinarily you would be right, but take a closer look:

Zencart dynamic products dataSpheric.com

Zencart seems to be dynamically creating the product each time based on how big a sticker the customer wants, how many they want and they get to chose various cut options and features. Zen Cart doesn't do that by itself. We made it do that by writing a piece of software we call "Tinkerbell". She's called Tinkerbell because she works her magic on Zen Cart and Zen doesn't even know she's there; Zencart simply gets what it considers to be a regular product order. We use all of Zen Cart's payment and shipping modules (which, by the way, you get for free).

HOLD ONTO YOUR HAT, IT GETS BETTER. When the employees of this company arrive in the morning, this is what they log into:

Zencart grid reporting tool, dataSpheric.com

This software is called PrintList and it runs the whole shop. Every stage of the ordering, customer service, production process, shipping and followup is updated and tracked by PrintList. Everybody can update order status, add notes for different production people, flag orders for special attention and look into orders in depth. Zencart doesn't do that either. We built that custom but it reads directly off Zen's database.

Now you see just a part of what makes us so hardcore in ecommerce. You see that our software ties whole businesses together, and we leveraged two pieces of major ecommerce software to produce MASSIVE SAVINGS for this business.

We do tend to make it sound easy but there's a number of variables for your business when considering ecommerce. We steer you around pitfalls and into smooth operation.

Please have a look around and get in touch to start making your idea a reality today. 602-250-0243