Social networking is a drag.

social media woes,

Have you ever felt this way? What does it mean to have all these "friends," most of whom you will never see or do business with?

The benefits of social networking and viral marketing cannot be denied but no business owner we have seen likes doing it. It's a time vampire and it takes several skills to do correctly:

  • You need the technical savvy.
  • You need the writing skills to produce fresh content regularly.
  • You need to make this writing so interesting and compelling that people will share it.
  • You need to spend time cultivating contacts and gaining profile.
  • You need a strategy that ties it all together and brings the attention back to your business.

We learned these skills. Obviously, some businesses are easier to make sound exciting than others. It's easier to write about guys who make motorcycle parts than it is the fellow making pencil erasers but each has its niche market. Dialing in on that niche market and cultivating it is key.

Social marketing is also trend based. Just because facebook and Twitter are kings right now doesn't mean they will be forever. The one constant on the internet is change. We need to be aware of and adapt to these changes in order to take full advantage of their marketing power.

What about search engine optimization?

Many people confuse search engine optimization or SEO (which we also do) with social networking but these are different skills. SEO requires a higher level of technical expertise wich requires actual "coding" to achieve properly. However, the two fields converge as the creation of good, original content which helps people find your business and is the fuel used to feed both your website and your social media campaign.

Our other services tie in perfectly with social networking and SEO from end to end. You get all the expertise you need in one place.

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