What is a website? Is it a picure or visual art? Is it text information? Is it a marketing tool?

A website is all three. It's visual art (thence the term "website designer"), it's textual information that humans and other computers can read (so our copywriters are called Semantic Content Experts) and it's ultimate objective is to be a marketing tool. It may also be sofware such as an ecommerce website that actually performs transactions and sells product. It's important to keep all of these objectives in mind when we "design a website."

Some websites cost $300 and some cost $30,000.

$300 websites are cheap for a reason. They aren't a tool you can easily use yourself and they don't do much for you. Finding the right fit for you is the key.

Here's a very inexpensive website that has brought in very respectable business. What made this one inexpensive is that a coder sat down with the client and they came up with something simple and effective: a single-page site that gets the marketing message across quickly and clearly:

An inexpensive custom Arizona website

Here's a much slicker, more featured business website. In this case a coder, a designer and a copywriter were required:

dataSpheric business class website

Here's an expensive corporate class website. This one required a coder, a programmer, two designers and a project manager.

dataSpheric corporate class website

It can be hard to tell the difference sometimes but there's often a lot going on behind the scenes.

Below we see something truly special. Here's a website we built for a USA business that wanted to bring in Chinese customers. We built it then we had it translated into Mandarin and then...we arranged to have it hosted IN CHINA. That's right, inside of "The Great Firewall Of China."

dataSpheric Chinese language website

And while we were at it they got a custom Wordpress blog...

dataSpheric Mandarin Chinese language Wordpress blog

Not to mention a custom version of our own linkSpheric directory software...in Mandarin Chinese. Actually this verion is bilingual. It's Mandarin Chinese and English software.

dataSpheric Mandarin Language website

Pretty slick huh? We don't know anybody else that can do that. Talk about major bragging rights.

That's just websites. What about blogs?

With social marketing and blogs there's a greater emphasis than ever on creating new and interesting content that describes your business. On the other hand, "another blog is just another blog." Ideally you want a custom coded, hand-crafted work of technical mastery (like this one) and a blog where you can publish up-to-date content regularly.

Websites you can update yourself with no major training are commonly called Content Management Systems (CMS) and there's a few very nice, popular and free softwares out there. You pay to have them set up and customized but the essential software is free. However, blog design is kind of like normal website design. There's a huge price range out there.

  • Wordpress. Wordpress is hugely popular. It's in use on millions of websites. Wordpress does just fine where you only have one or a few people publishing to a website. It's very easily customizable, and we create custom Wordpress templates quite regularly.

Here's a very simple, inexpensive custom Wordpress template we built. Again, this one performs very well on Google and it's so simple you can't even tell it's Wordpress:

dataSpheric.com Wordpress handyman theme
  • Joomla. Think of Joomla if you have an online magazine with an entire staff. Or a newspaper website. Some people are writers, some are photographers, some are editors and, finally, there are publishers at the top with the final say on what gets published. People can publish from anywhere in the world and it's all managed. Joomla allows you to have "registered users" with special levels of access, private areas and all kinds of polls, user comments, everything you need to start an online reading community. Its massive popularity has been eaten away by users who either want something simpler or more complex but it still fits perfectly in the middle.

Here's a much more complex template we built using Joomla:

dataSpheric.com Joomla template
  • Drupal. If Joomla let you manage a staff, Drupal allows you to allow the world to participate in the same ways but it thinks GLOBALLY. Thinking of running a major political campaign and you want a central meeting place for all of your local groups to network in, get the latest news and keep up to date? You are talking Drupal. Drupal scales to run MASSIVE online communities.
  • Forum software of all types. phpBB, SMF (Simple Machines Forums) and plugins for all of the CMS softwares describe above exist to allow people to communicte with you by posting messages and getting replies. Almost every online community has some form of forum or way for people to talk to each other and to you at the same time.

Just about every popular software you can imagine. On-site chat can be popular. Comments on articles can be a good thing. The added dimension these days is you want to be thinking about how your website or blog ties into your overall social networking strategy and your offline promotions.

We have extensive experience with each of these softwares and many more. We can customize them in ways others wouldn't dare to. We can make your website truly reflective of who you are and what you have to offer.

Get in touch today and we'll talk about what options—in what price range—is right for you!